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Guitar Music, Plain and Simple

No matter what happens within the world of music, no matter how much technology evolves and the means by which sound can be made develops, rock and guitar music is always going to be a prominent factor within. One person delivering on this is Kris Anders as he goes pop rock on the new single ‘Ever Enough’. 

This track is the fourth release off of his upcoming EP ‘Threshing Room Floor’ which is set to come out towards the back end of 2023. If you’re a fan of rock music and catchy choruses then it’s certainly one for you. The tune is incredibly upbeat and explores the complexities of a relationship, constantly questioning whether you will ever be enough for the person that you’re with. No doubt the song is filled with head nodding energy from start to finish.

“The writer is frustrated that no matter what he does, he is ‘never enough’ for the woman in his life,” said Anders about the new single. “it can also apply to the feeling of futility in trying to make it in the music industry and all the frustration that comes with being an independent artist.”

The song’s good, but there are certain elements that let it down ever so slightly. Given rock music stretches so far back, the overall chord progression and riff is a little bit uninspired, the track as a whole has a feeling of first draft as opposed to finished product.

That being said, there are plenty of positives to be taken from it as well. The first has already been mentioned in that the song is upbeat and incredibly catchy, certainly capturing the feel that Anders was almost certainly going for. Plus, his voice is lovely, grainy and so deep you could drown in it.

Local Rock Artist's Latest Music Video Captures Scenes from Vernon

Kris Anders’ music career is gaining momentum.

The Vernon rock musician has seen an explosion in attention over the past couple years, thanks in part to last year’s Best Rock Song in North America win at the Intercontinental Music Awards for a track called Shattered.

This year, with his name growing in the music industry, it was time to get his face out there, which he did with a new music video for his latest single, Ever Enough.

The single was released March 10 and the video dropped March 31.

Up until now, Anders had only done smaller budget music videos with help from his wife, a graphic designer. But now that he’s grown as an artist, he decided it was time to up the production value.

“We realized it’s time for me to get in front of the camera, and not only myself, I have a band as well here that’s based in Vernon and it was time to get their faces out in front of the camera as well,” Anders said.

Kris Heidt of PureSound Studios in West Kelowna produced the video, which features scenes from Anders’ home town of Vernon.

“We went around to various set locations and I thought I really wanted to kind of focus on my home town Vernon and the area because it’s so beautiful here,” Anders said.

They started shooting at the iconic Kalamalka Lake beach pier on a brisk February night, and then captured shots of downtown Vernon along 30th Avenue.

“I think you can see Nolan’s Drug Store in the background just on 30th and it was right in front of Teach and Learn,” Anders said.

The video shows Anders exuding angry expressions, which he says fits the lyrics and overall tone of the song.

“This one is a bit of an angry song if you listen to the lyrics,” he said. “The protagonist being a little bit angry at the fact that nothing he ever does for his partner in life is good enough, and then I kind of adapted that into how independent artists can feel frustrated with the music industry and feeling like everything they do isn’t quite good enough to get to the next level.

“It just sort of tried to capture that little bit of frustration and put it into a rock video, because rock can be kind of angry at times.”

Anders says he gets inspirations for songs from everyday life, writing lyrics down as he thinks of them before taking them into his studio. Uniquely, he starts off every song with an acoustic version before adding his band and various production aspects to create a more commercial sound.

Anders recently signed a deal with U.K.-based PR company Liberty Music, which started a campaign for the release of Ever Enough. The track has been added to one of the biggest online radio stations, Amazing Music. Anders’ songs have been picked up by about a dozen radio stations around the world.

He’s also getting a ton of attention in print of late.

“I think there’s been about eight to 12 articles just in the last three weeks, there’s been quite a bit of press coverage,” he said.

Anders has a six-song EP in the works called Threshing Room Floor. Anders is releasing all six songs as singles and hopes to have the EP out by the fall. He expects to drop the next single late this summer. However, a vinyl version of the EP is expected to be released sooner.

Anders could also have more accolades before the year is over. He’s been nominated in the 2023 International Singer Songwriter Awards for male vocalist of the year, male rising star, male single of the year for Ever Enough, male songwriter of the year and male emerging artist. The awards take place in Atlanta, Georgia, Aug. 4 and 5.

As for live music, Anders is looking forward to performing in Vernon again. He and his full band are performing for Vernon Downtown Sounds on July 20, and will play live shows in the Okanagan, the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island and Alberta over the next few months.

Canadian Beats - Five Questions With Kris Anders 

Award-Winning Canadian Artist Kris Anders Releases Latest Pop/Rock Single, “Ever Enough”

Canadian artist Kris Anders releases his latest Pop/Rock single, “Ever Enough.” The fourth release off his upcoming EP Threshing Room Floor due for release in late 2023. 2022 saw the first three releases from the EP being positively received, garnering Kris over half a million streams across platforms and gaining extensive radio play around the world.

“Ever Enough” is an upbeat Pop/Rock anthem that dives into relationship troubles with the protagonist in the track questioning if anything he does will ever be enough for his partner. The track is backed by powerful choruses, catchy melodies, and foot-tapping rock grooves that are just as compelling live as they are over the radio.

Speaking on the track, Kris Anders explains,

“The writer is frustrated that no matter what he does, he is “Never Enough” for the woman in his life. It can also apply to the feeling of futility in trying to make it in the music industry and all the frustrations that come with being an independent artist.”

Listen to “Ever Enough” below and learn more about Kris Anders via our Five Questions With segment.

Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Of course! I’m happy for the opportunity to be interviewed here. My name is Kris Anders, and I’m a Canadian singer/songwriter from the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. I’m originally from the small community of Alpine, Manitoba, where I grew up on a farm and cattle ranch. My early musical influences were shaped by my Mom’s record collection, the local Country music radio station, and whatever records I could get my hands on from friends or from the local record store.

Tell us a bit about your most recent release.

The latest release is called “Ever Enough.” It’s a song about the protagonist being frustrated with love in his life, as nothing he ever does feels ‘good enough.’ I also drew from my experience in the music industry and the many frustrations that Indie artists experience along the path. Although I consider myself an optimist, this particular song is a bit angry, and musically the chord patterns are formed to be unresolved. It was recorded in Kelowna, BC, by Andrew Smith, and I was able to do a video this winter with Kris Heidt of PureSound studios which was all filmed here in the Vernon, BC, area and shows off the amazing beauty of the Okanagan.

Where do you tend to pull inspiration from when writing?

I tend to view life from a lyrical and poetic lens. Most of my songs are at least partly autobiographical, or I am able to create a character to form the song around. Everything is written on an acoustic guitar, so it’s very pure and raw. I often write late at night when my mind is relaxed and the house is quiet. Other times I will simply get my guitar out, strum chords, and be able to put lyrics to the concept in my mind.

Do you have any upcoming shows you’d like to tell us about?

I’ll be playing multiple shows in the Okanagan area this Spring and Summer with both a full band and a solo acoustic act. Keep an eye on my website for my calendar. We are planning a few short tours in the Vancouver area as well as into Alberta this Summer and Fall.

What’s your goal for 2023?

I have just finished recording a six-song EP called Threshing Room Floor. The latest release, “Ever Enough,” is the 4th song off the album. I’ll be releasing the remaining 2 songs this year and I’m just finishing the artwork for the full record, both in vinyl and CD format, so I’m really excited about that! My management team and I are working really hard to get my music out there, and I’m hoping to expand my ability to tour and play more venues.