We’re shouting, “I’m Ready” with Kris Anders - Crooked Forest

Ahead of his forthcoming album, The Threshing Room Floor, Manitoba-born songwriter Kris Anders brings us “I’m Ready,” a feverishly upbeat summer pop-rock anthem that carries with it the spirit of the Okanagan Valley from which he is based. 

Kicking off with the chorus, an anthemic repetition of the track’s namesake, Anders’ bursts through the door and pulls us towards him. His sense of adventure is palpable within the first few lines and we’re keen to know what’s got him all riled up.

It’s a four-on-the-floor backbeat that drives the track forward, but the casual intertwining of Anders’ melodic guitar lines are what really tickle at your eardrums and get you wanting to come back for more. His clear proficiency at the instrument shines in the snappy licks he showcases between verses, quickly running down the fretboard in a poppy metal-infused style similar to that of Ajax, Ontario-born guitarist of Sum 41 fame Dave Baksh. It’s these spunky riffs that really lift the otherwise carefree easy-going track up to a new level and serve to get the party really started and that’ll satisfy the palettes of a wide array of rock music fans. 

Lyrically “I’m Ready” is built like any great pop song, focusing strongly on Anders’ new profound love for someone he’s fallen for and how eagerly he hopes to see them. It’s innocent in the best Beatles kind of way making the song great accompaniment to any house party, club or beachside bonfire while still being full of energy and bringing a refreshing relaxed atmosphere along for the ride.

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