I'm Ready (Single) by Kris Anders - Coyote Music

A quintessential upbeat catchy pop tune. It's undeniable. When Okanagan Valley, BC based singer/songwriter Kris Anders wrote his latest single "I'm Ready," it's not as if the intent was unclear in the least: he was out to write a fun song.

What's interesting from a composing standpoint is that the song doesn't really have a verse. It's Chorus - Bridge - Guitar Transition, hitting the Chorus hard and often, with a breakdown toward the end structured around the...you guessed it: the Chorus.

None of this is to criticize the songwriting, either. Anders has proven himself time and time again. In 2022 he won an Intercontinental Music Award for Best Rock Song. In 2023 he's garnered a LIT Music Award for Best Rock Song and is a Nominee in 5 categories of the Josie Music Awards in Nashville. He can write!

But every album needs a lead single and in the case of Anders' forthcoming Threshing Room Floor, slated for an October 2023 release, "I'm Ready" is the earworm that he and label Tinderbox Music have put forth to turn some heads.

And turn heads it seems to have done. "I'm Ready" has nearly 50,000 views on YouTube in its first week of release. And while the track's Spotify listens aren't yet tallied, his 5 most popular songs there have been streamed upwards of a half-million times.

Keep up with Kris, the new album release, and his band's live dates all at krisanders.com.

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