I'm Ready reviewed by Dave Franklin - Dancing About Architecture

That’s just the ticket, as they say. The ticket to a good time. The ticket to upbeat rock and roll with plenty of pop smarts. The ticket to a song full of accessible vibes, fun and frolics. The ticket to an artist who knows how to entertain.

Sure, music can be serious and full of depth; it can be a profound messaging system and an essential propagator of important ideas; I’m all for that. But it can also be fun, full of life, a party starter and the thing that makes you forget the grind of the working week that takes you away from your everyday troubles. It can be…I’m Ready.

Everyone needs a song like this in their life; it just takes you out of the here and now and sends you to the place you want to be. And lyrically, it is both deep and meaningful, and, at the same time throwaway…a dedication of devotion and a sonic call to arms for those who want to get into the party spirit.

Let me just grab a six-pack, and I’ll be on my way.

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