Kris Anders Is All Set to Groove the Audience with His Latest Release ‘I’m Ready’ - Daily Music Roll

Dance along with the newest ‘feel good’ musical piece by Kris Anders. His newest single ‘I'm Ready’ has cheerful beats, optimistic lyrics, and sparkling vocals. 

Kris Anders is one such artist that is never scared to take a chance or experiment with different genres and it is exactly what he is giving his fans and listeners in the newest release. ‘I’m Ready’, his latest single, is played with a pop-rock tune with hints of country music that gives the track a unique composition. Inspired by the legendary ‘Beatles’, this track is the ultimate summer hit that is enjoyable and refreshing to listen to. With minimal chords and easy-to-listen tunes, the track can become one of the most streamed songs in the artist’s discography.

Maintaining a fun vibe throughout, ‘I’m Ready’ is the fifth single from his EP titled “Threshing Room Floor”. Filled with upbeat tunes, the entire composition of the track is bound to give you a refreshing and enlivening feeling. The composition is very well complemented by the simple and undecorated lyrics which came alive with the bracing vocals of Kris Anders. The music video also carries the same vibe, where the artist is seen playing his guitar on the beach and enjoying himself. The track is now available on Spotify along with his previous hits, ‘Ever Enough’, ‘How Did We Get Here’, ‘Shattered’, ‘This Time’, etc., and watch the music video on YouTube. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and his website to know more.

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