Kris Anders is an award winning Canadian singer/songwriter from the beautiful Okanagan Valley in BC, Canada with over a decade of experience in the music industry as a songwriter, performer, executive producer, and music manager. 

His widely acclaimed debut and award winning single, "Shattered" has found rotation on over 1000's of radio stations across the world, and has been featured on commercial playlists throughout North America, South America, and Europe. Kris’ 2022 follow-up singles, "How Did We Get Here" and "This Time" have been  gaining momentum with widespread radio play and streaming. To date, Kris' first 3 releases have garnered over 500,000 streams on Spotify and Itunes. These tracks will be featured on his forthcoming album, "I'm Ready", due in 2023. 

Look for Kris on tour both as a solo act or with a full band in 2023 with dates in the Okanagan Valley, Alberta and across BC.

Kris' highlights include: 

2022 Intercontinental Music Award Winner - Best Rock Song "Shattered"

2022 Intercontinental Music Award Finalist - Pop song of the Year "How Did We Get Here"

2022 Josie Music Award Nominee - Male Vocalist of the Year

2022 Song of the Year. Com - Semi Finalist "How Did We Get Here" Best Adult Contemporary

2021 Josie Music Award Nominee - Best Rock Song "Shattered"

2020 Song of the - Semi Finalist "Shattered" Best Rock Song

2012 Music BC Demo award winner -  "Cupid's Arrow" performed by Deanna J Cartea

2011 Executive Producer, Deanna J Cartea's "Open Road", which gained radio play in Europe and North America, hitting #2 on the Canadian Roots Rock charts and #12 in the USA. Deanna's single "Open Road" would go on to win an Independent Music Award for best AAA single. 

2010 feature in American Songwriter magazine for their Lyric Award winner.