Kris Anders has recently released a new song: “I’m Ready.”

Singer-songwriter Kris Anders is back with a new single titled “I’m Ready.” The song is also going to be featured on the artist’s upcoming album,  The Threshing Room Floor, expected in October 2023. This track is a perfect introduction to what people can expect from Kris and his upcoming album. This is a very fun and upbeat song, with a positive attitude and a unique twist. The track has a fast tempo and a very energetic sound that immediately creates a party vibe, in sync with the lyrics! As we are approaching summer, this is exactly the type of energizing, colorful song to get in the mood to get out there and enjoy some good times!

Check out “I’m Ready” if you enjoy the sound of artists as diverse as The Beatles, Social Distortion, Drive-By-Truckers, Wilco or The Rolling Stones, only to mention a few.

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