Article from Beach Sloth

Racing by at a blistering pace, Kris Anders delivers his giddy attitude with joy on “I’m Ready.” Perfectly capturing what infatuation means, the song never stops. The beats hit with such emotion, as the pop-punk ethos is invigorating. Guitar work is limber, with the riffs adding to the celebratory spirit. Nods to groups like Blink 182 take shape. How he manages to keep up the energy throughout the piece proves admirable, for not a moment is meant for slowing down. The party attitude has righteousness, and lyricism further emphasizes the purpose of getting together. Yearning to the tee, it brings together elements of friendship, romantic relationships, and everything involved in this communal quality.

The song wastes no time in getting started. His voice takes front and center stage, and the rest of the band follows at a chaotic pace. Grooves have a power behind them, thrusting the whole journey forward. Many of the layers intermingle to create this vast, uncanny tapestry. He has much fun messing with listener expectations, too, as there is no quiet moment, no moment of contemplation. This song is meant to seize the day, to be happy and content with oneself. He allows this theme to underpin the whole work, letting the song work itself into a fevered pitch, finally releasing it in one final burst by the end of the song.

Kris Anders kicks out the jams on the energy-fueled urgency of “I’m Ready.”

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