Kris Anders is a Canadian singer/songwriter from the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia. His most recent EP, “Threshing Room Floor” is a crossover blend of Rock, AAA, and Alt Country best described as “Nashville-meets-Coldplay”. The Prairie born and raised songwriter who now makes his home in BC has had a steady trajectory of success as a recording artist with recent highlights of being nominated for Best Rock Artist in the 2023 Western Canadian Music Awards as well as charting in the Top 200 NACC (North America College and Community radio charts) in June of 2023. 

-Over 1 million streams across Spotify, Itunes, and YouTube.
-Top 200 Charts on NACC (North America College and Community Radio) in June, 2023 (#197 unweighted).
-Nominated for Rock Artist of the Year in the 2023 Western Canada Music Awards
-Josie Music Awards nominee, Nashville, October 2024 in 6 categories
-Josie Music Awards nominee, Nashville, October 2023 in 3 categories
-Best Rock Song “Ever Enough” Winner, LIT Talent Awards, 2023.
-Best Rock Song “Shattered” Winner 2022, Intercontinental Music Awards, Los Angeles

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The mix of retro-rock influences alongside the song’s post-punk energy mark it as a natural live number. Imagining Anders and his band attacking the song with abandon for a rapturous concert crowd doesn’t strain credibility; it seems like a natural fit. From the outset it bears down on listeners with rambunctious fervor and illustrates the extent of Anders’ skill as a vocalist. He matches the song’s pace without even an inkling of exhaustion.” - Laury Verdoux

Curious for Music

This fresh track fuses his compelling songwriting skills with a potent soundscape, leaving us craving more. It’s a melodic maelstrom that combines raw intensity with sublime harmony. As the track unfurls, the artist’s distinctive vocals ensnare listeners, pulling them into a world of emotion and energy. Each note resonates with authenticity, displaying an impressive range that’s both captivating and inspiring.” - Ethan G

Jukebox Mind

Anders may play with a punk rock attitude, but his voice is clear and pure, without any gruffness.” - Dan Macintosh

Skope Magazine

I approached Kris directly, having discovered his music on Spotify and after being ensnared by his clean and raw sound, and mature approach to songwriting. Now knowing Kris personally, it is clear he is an emerging talent to look out for - one that is ready to take his music to the next level.” - - James D.J. Morgan, Senior A&R / Talent Scout, Liberty Music PR.
Bringing back more of that warm and triumphant pop-rock direction he has built for himself, 'Ever Enough' makes for a wonderfully rousing listen. With its raw and driven hooks, powerful atmosphere, and his own vibrant voice at the helm, he is continuing to prove himself as one of the more captivating names on the rise right now.”

Mystic Sons

Anders connects again with "How Did We Get Here", an elevated, uplifting song full of rich harmonies and haunting emotion; a lingering Nashville-meets-Coldplay anthem with shades of instant soundtrack classic in real time.” - Bobby Hanson - Citation Records
Kris Anders is back with another winner. A moody, instrospective multi-format song. "How Did We Get Here" is a perfect song for Country, AC or AAA with great vocals and instrumentation - and it has a bridge!” - Charlie O'Brien - Owner and Founder of Big 8 Radio